Update: My Weight Loss, What Really Happened!

A few weeks ago on my Instagram, I posted a pic of me before and after about my weight loss journey. I explained how I loss the weight and have been trying ever since to maintain it. I guess people STILL don’t believe me when I say how I loss the weight lol. Folks have been secretly reaching out to my friends that they know I am close to, asking them personal questions and trying to figure out if I have had any type of plastic surgery etc. Folks are so funny and nosey but If I have been transparent all this time, don’t you think I would have documented any type of procedure I’ve had? I’m a blogger for pete’s sake lol. It’s like they want to see if they get a different answer from my friends. Like I’m lying or something. I’m pretty much an open book and I have nothing to hide, trust me! 

People are contacting my friends and saying things like, “your friend Tami, how did she really lose the weight? It just seems like it was so fast!” I have the screenshot text messages too from my friends lol. Actually guys, this transformation took a year! Not a few months like they were thinking. If you may have just started following me on social then yes, you would think that was fast, but it all started last year in August. So that was a year ago. I was a size 1x back then, eating unhealthy food and drinking lots of soda. My close friends know that I used to LOVE Coke with extra ice. I would drink about 6 cans of soda a day. I cut all of that out, eating fried food, eating late at night and I am currently wearing a size six.

But remember folks, this was all after I went through a bad breakup and I was severely depressed. I am the type of person that when I am sad, I can NOT eat. I don’t use food for comfort at all. So once the weight started dropping off, I just started to maintain it and made better food choices, watched my proportions and cut out all sweets and soda. That was pretty much it. You have NEVER seen me in a gym either, not my style but I do love to mall walk when I get a chance.

EVERYONE’S body type is different, so I do recommend you see your dietician or doctor to help you on your own journey. You have to realize that what worked for me to lose the weight, might not work for you. And who wants to lose weight like I did, gosh! So I am not giving you any tips etc because we are all made up genetically different. I hope you can understand that.

I really appreciate all the emails, dm’s, text messages etc. but there was no real science in how I loss the weight, no regimen, diet plan, workout routine. I just cut out a lot of b.s. that is it folks! NO plastic surgery, no diet gimmicks…nothing! I think in total, I loss about 30lbs that’s it. For my body frame and my height, that is a lot for me. I hope this is the last time I have to explain that. I do want to start taking a spin class too, to tone up my legs and other areas, so I am currently looking for a place to do that now. Till next time! xoxo

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