Weight Loss Surgery in Tulsa Oklahoma

Weight Loss Surgery in Tulsa Oklahoma

Weight loss surgery empowers you to transform your life for the better. Bariatric surgery is a large change in your life, and when you’re taking on a completely new lifestyle, having the best team on your side will help ensure success. WeightWise has an exceptional team located near Tulsa, Oklahoma, offering you exceptional resources within easy driving distance.

Doctors Gregory Walton and Toby Broussard, our surgeons at WeightWise, are dedicated to working closely with you to determine whether weight loss surgery is the best choice for you and, if so, which procedure will meet your needs. Additionally, our fantastic team of specialists provide everything from one-on-one counseling to help you meet your health goals pre-op and remain on the path to wellness post-op to dieticians who can help you plan your nutritional changes before and after surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

We offer a variety of surgeries as well as several non-surgical options near Tulsa, so you and our health team can determine what the best options are for you. One of the surgery options WeightWise offers is gastric bypass, (also known as Roux-en-Y bypass) is usually the surgery most people first think of when they hear “bariatric surgery,” as it’s one of the most commonly performed weight loss surgeries in the United States.

WeightWise also offers gastric sleeve surgery, which reduces the size of a patient’s stomach without bypassing the intestinal tract. This operation has less long term complications requiring future operations than the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band.

Your Trusted, Local Weight Loss Specialists

If you are searching for an integrated program, that provides for all of your pre- and post-op support, WeightWise is for you. Located less than 2 hours from Tulsa, our headquarters in Edmond, OK is your convenient, one stop location for all of your weight loss surgery questions and concerns.

Want more information without leaving home? WeightWise offers a free online seminar that provides you with the same information covered in the live seminar. This resource can be viewed as many times as you like.

The WeightWise Difference

What makes WeightWise Bariatric Program unique? We offer a complete, integrated program all under one roof. Our expert team of professionals–surgeons, psychologists, dieticians, exercise physiologists, and patient advocates–work together to provide you with cohesive support to ease your transition to a healthier body and mind.

Long after your procedure is complete, we stand by you, offering support groups and regular check-ins to help keep you on the track to sustained weight loss and wellness. Want to learn more about the weight loss procedures we offer? Contact WeightWise today!

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